It is not the same as twenty five years ago when visiting the local amusement establishment was just like going to Disneyland.  What used to be Bullwinkles and Family Fun Center became sharply down scaled. Bullwinkles and family fun center is not what it used to be from its prime. Instead of a Chuckee Cheese automaton show, it is simply a sit down affair with a 50s style.

I remember visiting for the latest arcade games,  but due to technology we can get the experience right at home which negates the arcades. The complex next to the former Bullwinkles, formerly known as Family Fun Center is basically scaled down from its old days. The recording studio eliminated, the arcade games 50% reduced. It is sad. Also there used to be a mini arcade near the bumper boats, but that also got closed and became more employee office space.

However I should try to visit James Games in Upland near the high school if I want to relive my childhood.

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