New California Ballot Measures for November 2012

Our Secretary of State Debra Bowen has announced that new ballot measures will appear on the ballots for the next election. The first one is the California Right to Know proposition that will require genetically modified food to be labeled so people would know what they are consuming when they shop at the local supermarket.

If crops are genetically engineered, they would be required to label the product to state it was genetically modified. People have the right and freedom to decide if they want to consume products that are genetically modified.

The next ballot measure to qualify is the Three Strikes Reform ballot measure to make sure that the third strike is not going to send someone to life in prison if it is not a severe crime. We are spending so much money we can not afford by supporting life in prison for stealing pizza. However if your prior strikes were for rape, murder or child molestation you will get life in prison for the non violent third strike.  This ballot measure will save around 10 million in the first year and around 100 million in subsequent years. This ballot measure has secured the endorsement of DA Steve Cooley of Los Angeles County.

Aside from these two ballot measures expect to see six more ballot measures.

A water bond measure, which was placed on the ballot by the Legislature.
A political contribution measure, which qualified through the initiative process.
An auto insurance measure sponsored by the founder of Mercury Insurance, which qualified through the initiative process.
A measure to repeal the State Senate District maps, which qualified through the referendum process.
A measure to repeal the death penalty, which qualified through the initiative process.
A measure to increase criminal penalties for human trafficking, which qualified through the initiative process.

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