Upcoming Potential

I might be joining the examiner.com family and hope to start a weekly column on LGBT History of the Inland Valley and Southern California. I submitted my application and hope to receive an answer as soon as possible. I want to further expand my writing opportunities and this is one way I would like to do so.

I was thinking of doing restaurant reviews, but I honestly do not want to pony up 60 bucks a month to purchase my meals in order to write my reviews.  I was thinking of doing like two full on restaurants a month, one or two fast food chains and one desert restaurant to help with the minimum quota for reviews while not busting my pocketbook.

If I prove my worth on the history column, I hope to add the restaurant reviews as part of my assignment. If selected to do the history column I will put it on my blog roll for people to visit and each new column will be promoted here.

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