Thinking About Leaving Dish Network

As a customer of Dish Network since 2001, I am facing the possibility of leaving Dish Network. For the possibility of not having the AMC channels is one reason why my household is considering the decision. Our contract does not end until August. We are paying $77.94  including taxes. I am going to explore the options of moving to DirecTV or Time Warner Cable.

My contract ends August 6th. Hopefully Dish and AMC can resolve their corporate pissing fights. During the FX and Dish fight we stuck it out, but it seems that Charlie Ergen likes to pick fights often.

Right now my bill is $76 with $1.94 in taxes.

Part 1: DirecTV

DirecTV is America’s leading satellite television provider and they are also hoping that many of Dish’s customers leave for their service.

Problem is DirecTV is more expensive after the promotional period. It is honestly a hassle to switch pay television providers, and it may sound great with their promotions to get the DirecTV package cousin at 94.99 and expect the same amount in taxes where you will likely pay 96.99 as your monthly bill.

DirecTV does sound sexy, but I am not going to bite on their deal. Paying $240 a year more than Dish Network is very high of a price to pay. Sadly doesn’t AMC realize that what Dish Network wants to pay them is better than having their content pirated?


Part 2: Time Warner Cable

My community is serviced by Time Warner Cable. I am not going to mess with bundling your services with telephone or internet even though I do have Internet access with them.

For 2 outlets for what services we have comparable without a bundle it also runs around 90 bucks, but is cheaper than DirecTV.

Conclusion: At best, stay with Dish Network and utilize any deals with your bank and save 4% on your iTunes purchases.

One thought on “Thinking About Leaving Dish Network”

  1. If AMC Networks are pissed because Dish pulled their Voom HD then they needed to look at the programing. I never even missed Voom HD didn’t know it even was there, bad programing must be why. Now AMC wants to charge more because they have 2 or 3 hit shows and Dish doesn’t want to pay the extra fee. I say, Dish drop all the sister stations,( We, IFC ect.) keep AMC and only go up $.o5 on the old fees. Then the customer is happy. As far as dropping Dish, I want, it is still the best satellite programing I have tried, and I tried them all.

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