Election Recap


I was correct that Ron Paul got slaughtered. Jesse Benton was a turd for sabotaging Ron Paul’s campaign.

Proposition 29

It will likely fail due to the numerous Republican voters who voted during the primary.

Congressional District 8:

Race is very tight, but I am hoping for Phil Liberatore to not make the top two.

Congressional District 31:

I was correct, It will likely be a Republican versus Republican race with Bob Dutton and Gary Miller. Democrats should support Bob Dutton because he has more of a local footprint than Gary Miller.

Congressional District 35:

This will also be a same party dog fight in November. It is very boring! Joe Baca versus Gloria Negrette Mcleod will be the race this November.

Assembly District 41:

I feel that Chris Holden will beat Donna Lowe because Donna Lowe is not a mainstream candidate. I hope Ed Colton makes a second attempt at running for office in the future. Replacing Mike Antonovich might be a good idea 4 years from now.

Assembly District 52:

This race will be a Norma Torres versus Kenny Coble race. I am not that enthused about either candidate. I need to have a discussion with Kenny Coble on certain issues before I can sustain some support for him.

One thought on “Election Recap”

  1. I almost wrote your name in for Congressional District 35 and for the Republican Party Politburo – I mean the Central Committee. Now I wish I had.

    Both parties realized that the new primary/election system would result in Democrat-vs-Democrat races, and Republican-vs-Republican races. Sadly, I don’t think they’ll be boring; when the two candidates in an election share similar political views, the election is fought along more personal lines. In the Baca-McLeod race, it could get nasty.

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