I Predict June 2012 Elections

With my background in political science I make some predictions.

President: Romney is going to win the majority of the districts. Ron Paul decided to make a dumb move to not invest much money after his tours of the universities of our state. I am fearful that Romney will make a clean
sweep of California, Ron was relying on the caucuses and states that offer delegates by conventions. Unfortunately it is winner take all by congressional district. I am hoping for Ron to at least win San Fransisco and Oakland areas.Voters are sadly brainwashed by the mainstream media and will accept Romney as the defacto choice without questioning it.

US Senate: Rick Williams is my choice, but I am fearful that it will be Feinstein, then Orly Tatiz.

Congressional District 31: Bob Dutton versus Pete Aguiar. However there may be a good chance that we might even have a Dutton versus Gary Miller race.

Congressional District 35: It will be the Democratic Party duopoly of Joe Baca and Gloria Negrette Mcleod despite my protest vote for the Green Party’s Anthony Vieyra.

Congressional District 39: Most likely Royce and Chen. As a Republican I would be tempted to vote for Ed Royce, but sadly most incumbents do need to be flushed down the drain.

Assembly District 41

The Pasadena based district ends up being morphed into a San Gabriel Mountains district. Victoria Rusnak, a pragmatic Democratic Party candidate and Donna Lowe, a far-right Republican that would make Tim Donnelly proud will be the other choice. Unfortunately people will not vote for the mainstream candidacy of Ed Colton who has more experience for the job.

Assembly DIstrict 52

It will likely be a Norma Torres versus a Kenny Coble race. I loathe Norma’s views on the economy and marijuana, but I am a bit uncomfortable about Kenny on religion and politics while supporting his views on economic growth. This will be a very uncomfortable vote in November.

State Senate District 29

It will be a blowout for Bob Huff in the primary, but the election will get rather tight in the general election with Greg Diamond making a surprise finish in November.

Proposition 28: No is my vote, I do not want to be stuck with Bob Huff for 8 more years. But people got bamboozled and will vote Yes for this.

Proposition 29: Yes is my vote, I do not want taxpayers to be stuck paying for future tobacco related cancer patients. Less people smoke tobacco products, less people get sick, less people have to pay for their medical bills. Sometimes you have to waste money to save money.

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