Buck McKeon and his Homophobia.

At Inland Utopia we are not big friends of the long time congressman from the Santa Clarita Valley. Buck Mckeon is the current chairman of the Armed Services Committee and he does not like the fact that there are queers in these Armed Services of our great nation.

I may agree with the congressman that President Obama’s administration is not the great hope that our nation needed, but neither is Congressman McKeon. Perhaps we could toss the homophobia of McKeon and toss out the economic failure of President Obama. That is one reason why I am supporting former Governor Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party so we can get the best aspects of President Obama and Congressman McKeon.

First, let us take a trip through the legislative tricks that Congressman McKeon pulled to show his disgust of the proud men and women who serve our nation. McKeon decided to keep the defense funding on hostage to make sure all military chaplains would be prohibited from performing marriages to same sex couples even for those who support that issue. Obviously no one should be compelled to offer these services, such as a Muslim or a Catholic chaplain, but if an Unitarian wants to do it it should be their choice.

Second, Congressman McKeon is adamant that same sex couples should not receive spousal benefits even in states that allow for marriage equality. Even though countless people have served valiantly under battle such as Andrew Wilfahrt who died to an IED in Afghanistan, Congressman McKeon would rather have partners of these soldiers to be left to their own devices.

However there is some deep irony when Congressman McKeon decided to go networking due to his connections as a defense appropriations committee chair in order to give his wife the funds to run for her campaign for State Assembly. The irony was he did accept a 3900 donation from an openly gay man Paul Morabito for his wife’s campaign who also is registered as a lobbyist in the US Congress. The other conundrum was that in 1992 he did state that,  “I think that, politically in this district, taking money from gays is just not a smart thing to do.” and he also returned contributions from the Log Cabin Republicans back when he was running against Phil Wyman in 1992.

People in the Santa Clarita Valley and the high desert should reconsider their support of Congressman McKeon. Congressman McKeon only cares about the money making capacity of his job and refuses to be consistent with his political values. No matter if it is Democratic Party candidate Lee Rogers or  Republican Party candidate Dante Acosta, voters in the 25th Congressional District deserve a fresh point of view in office.

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