New Legislation Needed for Animal Cruelty in San Bernardino County

After Judge Larry W. Allen gave a slap on the wrist to the 17 year old miscreant that had arson and animal cruelty charges on the pit bull puppy known as Valentine, people are wondering what solutions we would need to make sure situations like this would not happen again.

New county code should be added to make it where some jail time should be required. I understand our jails are overcrowded due to the state and local budgets being constrained, but giving that 17 year old even 1 week in jail would be better including the probation.  County laws should ask for jail time if any limbs get removed, death of the animal and medical care ends up costing over a given amount of money. However for someone that young, perhaps paying retribution for Valentine’s medical care should have been required even if it has to take five or ten years for the individual to pay the money back.

People who abuse animals usually end up abusing humans. Take for example the porn star from Canada who is an international fugitive after he killed a person and sent its body parts to Canadian governmental officials. He started off making snuff films about kittens being killed by snakes and now he is murdering people.

Write and call your local San Bernardino County supervisors to ask for reforms in relation to this issue.

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