Judge Makes Bad Move on Animal Cruelty Case

No Justice For Valentine

Recently in February there was a dog from the High Desert named Valentine due to being found around that time that was severely abused. The dog ended up losing one paw due to the abuse that a 17 year old boy ended up giving this dog. Sadly animal cruelty does lead to abuse on humans and the judge responsible for the case ended up giving this young man a very light sentence.

1 year probation, no ownership of any animals for a year and 40 hours of community service which was a literal slap on the wrist. I would of at least seen 6 months in jail, 5 years of no animal ownership and 400 hours of community service at least. And the judge did not let the volunteer group Sounds of Silent Spirits that took care of the tortured dog testify on the dog’s behalf to explain what did the boy actually do to the dog.

The San Bernardino County Superior Court  judge Larry W. Allen who made this verdict sadly is unopposed where he is not on the ballot this June and if you want to boot him you will need to recall him or find a new judicial candidate to run against him in 2018.

There is an event in Lucerne Valley if you want to share your support for the dog and her supporters.

Pioneer Park in Lucerne Valley just west of Barstow Rd. on HWY 247. Everyone is welcome to attend. Come and meet Valentine.

One thought on “Judge Makes Bad Move on Animal Cruelty Case”

  1. You calling yourself JUDGE, you should protect society from the bastard like that boy, wish this boy will wait for you in the alley and beat you up, this is what you can expect from him in the future, first he abuse and torture animals…. then it will be human !!!!! REALLY WRONG DECISION you made !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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