Maybe Russia Needs Some Loving

It is unfortunate that Russia clamps down on freedom of speech than what the United States and Canada would permit. Civil rights used to be good for the gay and lesbian community for Russians after the fall of the Communist Party, but Vladimir Putin and his friends in the Russian Orthodox Church do not agree.

Americans are lucky people, we can protest almost anything except when you are participating in Occupy Wall Street demonstrations when you question the robber barons that dominate the American economy that make law enforcement behave like their cousins in China and Russia.

In Moscow they have tried for almost ten years to get authorization to have a gay pride parade in their city, but law enforcement has struck them down.  In St.Petersburg Russia, the government has made a law that any gay promotion would either cause jail time, a fine or both that Russia’s famous equality activist Nikolai Alexeyev got fined almost $170 for stating that homosexuality is not a perversion.

Luckily most of America is fair minded to make sure we do not turn into Russia, but we have to carefully be cautious to make sure we do not elect a congress that would promote laws against freedom of expression. I have a solution that would help send the message to the Russian people is that we need to send our pride parades in the United States and other western nations such as Canada and the United Kingdom to send their marchers to the Russian embassies and consulates to tell their government enough is enough.

Pride parades are not just for a good time, it is also for political action. It is time for Russian authorities to receive some  loving. Russia needs some fierce demonstrations.

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