Sorry for Being a Negative Nancy on Ron Paul

I guess I am not going to spend much of my limited resources on Ron Paul anymore. In Arkansas Ron Paul only got 13.2% of the vote and barely got second place behind Rick Santorum. I am worried that its going to be just as bad in California since Ron Paul and his campaign team decided to let us go on our own devices.

I have migrated to Gary Johnson. President Obama has a safe 27 point lead in California so a vote for Gary Johnson is a vote for principle. Fed up that President Obama and Mitt Romney want to arrest people for taking marijuana because you may have cancer or HIV/AIDS? Fed up that Mitt Romney could care less about Republicans who support LGBT equality?  Tired of the Republican establishment trying to deny that Libertarians are gaining influence and decide to stuff the ballots for Mitt Romney?

There are many reasons why we need to shock the system. We need to send a message that we do not need another Punch and Judy show, we do not need a President Obama clone in white face.

On June 6 move to Gary Johnson. You will feel better for your vote.

3 thoughts on “Sorry for Being a Negative Nancy on Ron Paul”

  1. Ron Paul was Second winning in most states AND NOW with the third rounds in cacuses Ron Paul has now won 11 states!!! You won’t hear that in the media really. Just look it up!!! Gary Johnson is a good guy but I would Vote for Ron Paul then Gary Johnson. At least Paul has wins and second place wins under his belt. Most Americans don’t know that tehre are a series of caucuses, not just the first one the media makes a big deal about. There are others after that, that’s how Ron Paul is pulling ahead and actually taking Romney’s wind out. Delegates that are supposed to be for Romney, aren’t there anymore. Just youtube Ron Paul winning states or Ron Paul Ben Swann winning. You will find out more info about it.

  2. Romeny has the same platform as Obama. I couldn’t vote for Romney if I was paid to, he is a liberal all the way! Just like Obama.

    1. This was not implying I was voting for Romney. Romney is wrong on the drug war and LGBT equality. And Obama has a 27 point lead in California, so I could even vote for Gary Johnson or even Vermin Supreme if I wanted to.

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