Joe Baca Decimates Negrette Mcleod

Joe Baca Postcard

Even though the main event does not start in November, Joe is not resting on his laurels. My family received over four postcards explaining how regressive Gloria is on the issues and Gloria can not afford to snooze on this campaign if she expects a chance to have a fighting chance against Joe.

Sadly with Top 2 there is no opportunity for a write-in vote in the November election so voters will be forced to choose the best Democratic Party representative. Joe has sent ads explaining Gloria’s cuts on education spending, Gloria accepting health insurance money to kill rate reform to make health insurance more unaffordable in our state and Gloria allowing infant formula and baby food to be sold after the use by date risking the health of our children and grandchildren.

With Gloria’s campaign on auto-pilot it is going to make it very hard on her to gain to momentum to control the message. In politics the goal of the game is whoever defines the issue or the message first usually is the winner.

I guess this seat might be Joe Baca’s for the next fifteen years at best unless we get a new younger Latino leader to run for the seat in the future.Even though I lean progressive on certain issues, I just feel maybe if we meld Gloria and Joe into the perfect political love child we would have the ideal candidate.

I feel like burning an effigy of Charles Munger for creating these political situations where Republicans have to vote for Tweedledee and Tweedledum. I would of been happy to see even having to vote for Ben Lopez or Scott Folkens to register my disgust with the Democratic Party choices.

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