Last Class

The last class I needed to transfer to Western Governor’s University is done. I will need to submit the promissory note and my transcripts over before I begin. It will be 3,035 a half year term where the last term will be 4,035 due to the thousand buck fee for student teaching. Due to the state budget cuts it may be the most prudent thing I am doing by going with them for the program. So for $11,105 I can get my 18 month odyssey of getting my teaching credential completed.

I may be in a sea to nowhere for the last decade, but I do recognize I need to turn my ship around. Only thing I am worried about is the lack of teaching opportunities after I complete the program. Even if I teach at a private school for slightly less wage, I will be content. The collapse of the economy and my innate desire to partake in dead industries makes my life a struggle, but struggle can make one stronger.

I know I should have been more vigilant on mathematics, perhaps Economics would of paid more than Political Science and History. However, I will likely buy some Algebra and Algebra II textbooks so I can self learn so when I eventually teach Economics to high school students I could do it in a better manner.

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