Pomona Valley Liberty Candidates to Vote For in June 5th

Pomona Valley L.A County Republican Committee Candidates To Vote For

In Los Angeles County, the central committee is organized under Assembly districts and up to 7 of them can be voted for. Vote for these people first, and if you are not comfortable with adding any more people to your vote then you can always leave it blank.


R. Stan McClain
Tracey Joham
Michael Benson Cao
Noah Henry Johnson


Robert W. Vaughn
Danielle Rascon
Roxanne Douglas
David Diaz


Elliot Michael Lee
Michelle Dortlignac
Katy Lee

One thought on “Pomona Valley Liberty Candidates to Vote For in June 5th”

  1. Best group of Liberty Candidates! Those who didn’t get elected this time around should run again in next election because you are all very qualified! Those who won congratulations!!!

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