Why Bother Paying Extra For More Data

T-Mobile closed the loophole where people were able to tether their phones to use the data on their tablets or laptops for free with the newest version of the Android operating system. Unless you want to be technologically savvy and root your phone to tether without any charges you are stuck to the walled garden of the provider.

I basically only use around 1gb of traffic, It might benefit me where I could save ten bucks a month on my data charges if I only end up being a casual user of the data services on my phone. If tethering is not doable on my phone, I would rather just pay less.

I am honestly confused where they are saying you need to pay for a 14.99 tethering plan, but they said they were throwing in tethering if you pay 5 bucks more in the 30.00 5gb plan. What is the right story?

I am going to try to be a data hog on my phone this month and find out if I really was throwing away $120 all for nothing.

Perhaps I will need to write a feature to encourage people to use up as much data as they paid for so they can get their value. As long as customers are not going hog wild on their data who cares what they do with the data unless they are downloading pirated software.

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