Anthony Vieyra on Why Not to Vote Baca

On Facebook, Anthony wrote some reasons why not to vote for Joe Baca in the June Primary, hopefully this campaign will help Joe Baca realize his errors which he is slowly correcting in time for November. Free thinking individuals in the 35th Congressional District (Pomona to Fontana) should make a protest vote for Anthony Vieyra.

8 Reasons Anthony Vieyra is better than Joe Baca
1. Joe Baca was listed as one of the 10 Worst Member of Congress, one of the very worst.
From the 2008 Election – Esquire article, – When he was chairman of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Joe Baca steered funds to the campaigns of his two sons. When Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez called him on it, he did the mature thing and called her a “wh-re?”
Wow, how desperate are the Democrats to endorse someone like him?
Anthony will never be one of the 10 worst, and it doesn’t matter if the Democrats endorse me or not.
2. Joe Baca can’t even get along with Democratic party members, how can he get along with others in Congress? He’s worse than Rush Limbaugh, what was that word he called Loretta Sanchez? I wonder what he calls Gloria Negrete Mcleod? , and what is the real reason he won’t support fellow Democrat Josie Gonzales?
Being a Green democrat, Anthony gets along with everybody! Can’t we all get along?
3. Joe Baca is like an aging baseball player who can’t get on base. Joe Baca never got a bill passed in 2010-2011.
His rankings: 0 Bills Made Into Law (Ranks 18 of 440), 31 Sponsored Bills (Ranks 24 of 440) No wonder San Bernardino is passing him off to another district. Joe Baca is the most expensive congressman with the least amount of results.
The 35th district needs to pass on this overpaid, lame duck Congressman.
4. In 2011, Rep. Baca became a co-sponsor of Bill H.R.3261 otherwise known as the Stop_Online_Piracy_Act. This bill would have censored the internet and give control to the government; allowing them to shut down sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia, Gmail, and allows users to be sued.
Thanks Joe Baca, I guess it is good none of your bills made it into law.
5. Joe Baca supports the ill fated Keystone XL Pipeline. On Oct. 19, 2011, a letter was sent to President Obama asking him to support the Keystone XL Pipeline Project. Twenty-one Democrats also signed on to the letter requesting that the President grant a Presidential Permit to move forward with construction, including yours truly – Congressman Joe Baca.
With Congressmen like Joe Baca, who needs enemies.
Anthony will not support a pipeline that uses foreign labor and materials. If it’s going to be used on American soil, it’s going to be built by Americans !
6. Joe Baca represented San Bernardino in having the highest Foreclosure and Unemployment rates in the nation. Now he wants to represent us? No wonder he’s not running in his own district. I’m sure they wouldn’t vote for him again.
Pomona, Ontario, Chino, Montclair, Fontana, Bloomington and Rialto, if you want a Congressman who will support you by bringing back jobs and stopping foreclosures, Anthony is your choice!
7. Joe Baca’s true supporters; Bank of America, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae – can you say Bailout. Show Joe the money ! Joe Baca leads this race with the most funding, he has already spent about $390,000 compared to my $3,000. I would like to see where that money went !
Somebody is a big spender, and it won’t be Anthony. If you want to return a big spending Congressman to Washington then vote for Joe, but remember we will end up paying higher taxes in the end.
8. I think Joe Baca is over budget.
Speaking of big spending, House spending data prepared for USA Today by the Sunlight Foundation shows that 45 House members spent more than 95 percent of their 2011 budgets as of Dec. 31, exceeding what they can spend this year. Of those, 38 were Democrats.
Hey Joe Baca, tell us if you are over budget and how much you spent for staff, wouldn’t be over a Million dollars would it?
Anthony will not overspend your money and do more work himself. If we the people have to cut back, so should government!
When voting, remember your ABC’s – Anthony’s the Better Candidate!

4 thoughts on “Anthony Vieyra on Why Not to Vote Baca”

  1. it is funny you have so much to complain about here when by record your voting history is big fat 0?? you haven’t voted in years??????

    1. Id expect someone posting this if this was a contested race Carrie, but Damon Dunn who ran for Secretary of State in 2010 did not vote either. There is not voting record requirement to be a representative, only thing I am personally concerned is carpetbaggers like Joe Baca and Gary Miller.

  2. Funny comment.
    Yes I have voted since I was able to; how do you think Al Gore won, and Barack Obama, and Norma Torres and many other fine candidates. Those were my votes.
    Please don’t tell me they have stolen my votes, like they did in Florida. I would really raise hell !

  3. and another thing,
    I have voted more often and with better choices in the Inland Empire than Joe Baca has. How many times did Joe Baca vote in Montclair or Pomona ?
    a big fat 0.
    So Carrie,( the vote police ) don’t try to frame people by spouting out the same old diatribe that the 2 big parties use. Open your mind and see the true world as it is. Occupy !

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