Write In Your Way To Election

Timm Herdt laments the fact that write in candidate rules are very lax in California due to the advent of Proposition 14. Many candidates and political parties are realizing that it is futile to spend the money and time to get on the ballot. 1700 bucks to get on the ballot for Congressional District 35 in Pomona was too much for all sectors of the Republican Party to entertain any candidate to jump in the game in an election where they would not likely secure a spot in November.

Personally I have written about this issue. I have wrote about being tempted to file for office this year as a write in candidate, and I also listed districts in California where Republicans failed to file or no opponent dared to challenge a Democratic Party candidate in one of my prior posts where I wanted the Ron Paul faction to take over the California Republican Party so we can take those ex-officio positions.

The fear of crazies running for office.


Timm thinks its dangerous that any person can get on the ballot with only a few dozen votes or even one or two when candidates run unopposed in June. There can be a solution to this, after the filing deadline any of the ballot qualified parties can nominate a candidate to participate in the top two primary as long as no candidate from their party filed and they would be officially on the ballot. However, I just feel its just as dangerous to keep the political process closed. I certainly do not want unopposed elections just as how Gloria Negrette Mcleod ran unopposed in 2006 for State Senate. The party nomination process after the ballot filing period would be the best solution to prevent unopposed candidates so we can prevent the fear of a “joke candidate” getting on the ballot in November such as a Steve Rocco, someone who got elected blindly in Orange County who believed in conspiracy theories and got caught stealing ketchup from a college cafeteria.

I do not think we should have a minimum vote requirement to get on the ballot for November. It is just as bad as the 1% requirement to file file for office. It should be up to the media and the public to find out about these individuals so we can make informed choices. If a member of the community does not like the choices on the ballot, people should be free to run as a write in.

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