Not Like Father and Son

Fellow Paul supporters are pondering voting for Rand Paul in 2016 after his father runs his final campaign for president, but Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky is showing that he has some slight different views on the issues of the day in particular how President Obama said he was open to marriage equality. Ron may of supported the Texas state marriage ban and does not care that New York has marriage equality, but Rand would be more likely to have an olive branch with the Santorum and the Romney camp in restricting marriage nationwide. Even though Rand decided to express his views on the issue it is not going to affect my vote for June 5th for his father. I will be more than please to take my vote elsewhere for 2016 if he believes in a marriage amendment to nullify federalism in New York and Massachusetts as an example.  However Rand’s co-sponsorship of the Human Life Amendment is a good sign he would likely consider a permanent ban on marriage equality nationwide.

I know Rand wanted to do some outreach for his father, but it might of hurt in the long run. Statements like this should have been done after the election season when he enters the spotlight entirely on his own.

So basically we might see a swap of supporters for election 2016. We might see the liberal end of the Ron Paul collation moving to Gary Johnson in the next presidential election if Rand runs next. Liberty is not liberty if liberty is selective. Rand may be Libertarian on issues such as the NDAA or economic policy, but on personal liberty he could likely be drinking buddies with former senator Santorum.

Recently the Republican Party was given a poll from one of President George W Bush’s former pollsters that shows that America and even Republicans are gradually accumulating to equality for LGBT Americans mainly due to knowing a friend or family member who may be LGBT and they are starting to realize they have to treed carefully in how they deal with the issue. Rand is indeed entitled to his beliefs, but the context of what you say matters.

There is a small problem with what Republican national party chairman Priebus stated in a Los Angeles Times article about Rand’s remarks. “People in this country, no matter straight or gay, deserve dignity and respect. However, that doesn’t mean it carries on to marriage,” But if people are not going to be considered as equal Americans then it is not going to make any difference when Priebus tried to smooth over these remarks in an interview on NBC’s Meet the Press. Even if we try to provide dignity and respect to non-heterosexual relationships, politicians including Romney are unwilling to give the same 1,138 rights and responsibilities of marriage to same sex couples and only willing to give a pale fraction of them.

Rand may have some Libertarian sensibilities, but he is more in the Tea Party camp.  Personally I think he would be better as a Senate Majority Leader than President. Any Republican would rather see him than Mitch McConnell run the Republican caucus in the senate.

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  1. I would be hard pressed to vote for Rand Paul in a future election due to his selective libertarian views. It is very necessary to have a President that follows the Laws of the Land which is so simple. It’s the Constitution with it’s Bill of Rights. All citizens have a sovereign right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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