It Takes Money To Make Money

I have taken a more serious approach to this blog recently. I have decided to up the ante in my writing abilities. I realized that I need to create engaging content to get people to read my blog and be part of the community. Without fresh content, there is no readership.

I am offering accounts to several people to be correspondents for various parts of the readership area of my blog. I am likely to offer an account to a Facebook friend in the high desert very soon.

I do not really want to invest an excessive amount of money on a Google ad campaign, but  I was thinking of making bumper stickers, buttons and even some t-shirts to wear so people will know about my website. I may need to take advantage of my sister and have her make some designs people can buy. I will likely have to take her out to Los Portales in Montclair after she makes the logo for the website.

I am wondering if there is any good plugins for me to perhaps serve local advertisements. I was thinking $10 for 3 months of display ads for each moderately sized banner ad of the size around 300×250.

My vision is to get the blog to an unofficial non-profit type of status. I do not want to make a profit at this time, but I want to be able to cover a budget to cover my web hosting, domain fees, wordpress plugins to make the user interface better, and perhaps someone to make a custom theme for Inland Utopia to celebrate our sixth year!

It has been SIX years and I hope to continue Inland Utopia for at least a decade more.

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