Transportation Options Should Expand For More Students

The Go Smart campaign has been a successful effort to help get cars off the road and help encourage new customers when the subsidy wears off when students graduate. When I was reading a flyer promoting the Go Smart program it did not openly advertise that in 2013, that college students will be paying full price if they do not belong to a Go Smart program participating campus.

There is one issue that Omnitrans transportation planners and the board fail to recognize that there are students who attend schools such as Cal Poly Pomona and UC Riverside which would still appreciate the student price or some savings in their fare. Perhaps we could do what Riverside Transit does and offer a youth fare that would be the
current student pass and keep the college fare at five bucks more than youth monthly pass. So I would suggest 35 for student, 40 for college (adult student).

Providing opportunity to help people get to their school or workplace is an investment. Discontinuing the student fare for non participating go smart institutions would be a huge disservice. Encouraging more people to utilize Omnitrans services would be a better goal. Offering passes to those who have a valid course of study at San Bernardino County private colleges such as University of Redlands or public colleges that Omnitrans customers travel to such as University of California Riverside would be a plus. I remember traveling from Ontario to Riverside three times a week going to school without express bus connections like the RTA Route 204 which could of made my life easier.

I hope that an Omnitrans executive or a board member from the agency reads this posting.

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