Win Three Votes In Congressional District 35 AND More! [updated]

There is an opportunity for the two leading candidates for the office of Congress member of California’s 35th District to win the votes of my family and perhaps my readers of my blog in November. I earlier mentioned that Anthony Vieyra is running and is going to be my vote for June since Gloria Mcleod’s campaign manager failing to return my emails and postal letters.

Due to Proposition 14, we are not having partisan nominations for the primary and the top 2 get selected for the November election. Problem is both Democratic Party candidates are virtually identical.

I am not expecting these politicians to behave like Republicans, but I expect a reasonable standard in a Democratic Party leading district. Will these legislators advocate for civil rights including the rights of LGBT people, will these legislators stand up for civil liberties such as reforming the Transportation Safety Administration?

Republicans and Libertarians should fight hard to make sure we elect the best candidate. We can determine the fate of a political career of two Democratic Party Latino stalwarts.

What issues would Republican voters want to see from Gloria Mcleod and Joe Baca realistically address that would be sensible yet progressive like retiring congressman Dennis Kucinich.

1. What would your position be on prohibition on marijuana? Would you agree to reschedule Marijuana to Schedule III?

2. How would you protect travelers while respecting the civil liberties of the traveling public due to the overreach of the Transportation Safety Administration?

3. Would you support bills such as SOPA, which places restrictions on the Internet to protect content owners or would your support bills such as OPEN which tries to protect innovation on the Internet while trying to protect intellectual property creators?

4. Would you support the bill to call for  auditing of the Federal Reserve? Which is currently HR 459 and this bill has received around 100 sponsors from the Democratic Party.

5. Would you support a compromise on the DREAM ACT to allow for young people who have been assimilated into our society to get a green card, but not instant citizenship in order to get bipartisan support?

6. The NDAA did receive negative attention due to the provisions for indefinite detention, would you support a bill to modify these provisions either to have a minimum period one could be held by the government or total repeal of the said provisions?

If anyone has any other questions, I will have them ready to send to their campaign addresses.I would like to see a maximum of ten questions overall for them to be answered.

2 thoughts on “Win Three Votes In Congressional District 35 AND More! [updated]”

  1. Hello, there’s a smarter, younger, stronger candidate in the 35th race, running on energy and honesty. Look me up !
    I am definitely for decriminalization. Don’t forget – Joe Baca is a proud co-sponsor of SOPA. Both Joe and Gloria are old school Democrats – “you can’t teach an old Democrat new tricks”. Hope to be included in the blog.
    Cheers …..

  2. Enjoyed the Blog. Hope you check me out for your representative in the 35th district. Anthony V.
    I am for decriminalization of Marijuana. Don’t forget that Joe Baca is a co-sponsor of SOPA. Both Democrats are heavily influenced by corporate money.
    Hope to talk more. Peace.

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