Romney Could Care Less About LGBT People

I thought it was a great sign for former Governor Romney to invite someone of LGBT status to be a spokesman and advisor on foreign policy, but after a firestorm from the far left and far right Richard Grenell decided that it was not worth taking the opportunity.

Richard Grenell does have ties to the local area, he severed as spokesman for one of the developers from the Colonies Partners during the investigation and likely trial of the 102 million dollar settlement that was reached thru questionable means. Grenell did work for the state department in the Bush administration, but right now he was working for a communications firm in Los Angeles.

Richard had tweeted snarky comments about Democratic Party figures that caused him to be in the news recently, but Romney and his campaign leadership did not mind. However it shows that the main cause of him being let go is due to the rancor of the Paleo-Conservative sect from people of the American Family Association. Because they were telling Romney if you hire Grenell it’s the endorsement of the homo agenda because he personally does not feel comfortable with President Obama’s reluctance to support marriage equality and he attacked the Bush administration’s position where they were against the resolution speaking up on the issue of human rights abuses of LGBT people. Groups such as the American Family Association and the Family Research Council believe that religious liberty means we should discriminate against people based on their content on their character and behavior, but should we just beat up people and treat them as pariahs for who they are?


Many individuals in the Republican Party do not want LGBT Republicans to exist or to have any influence. Such as organizations such as the California based Traditional Values Collation or Save California.

It is unfortunate that people are trapped between the issues of having civil rights, but having a horrible economy or having no civil rights and having a good economy.

Perhaps LGBT Republicans and their straight allies should reconsider their support for Governor Romney and choose Ron Paul in the remaining primaries and switch to former Governor Johnson for the general election vote in November.

Romney is not the same Romney which moderates and LGBT voters felt which was safe to vote for in 1994 and 2002. Romney has to pander to the fringe of the Republican Party which dominate the message of the party. Due to Romney’s reluctance to stand up for Grenell, it looks like it would be a bad idea to support Romney this November.

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