Decline to State Voters should come home to the Republican Party

Recently there has been debate on allowing Decline to State Voters to vote on our delegates for the California Presidential Primary. Moderates and liberals in the Republican party may think this may be a better way for us to elect a pragmatic nominee for president. However the system has changed in 2008 where our delegates are awarded by congressional district. This solution seems to be the best way to make sure the Republicans who are running for president could choose the right amount of congressional districts that best fit their campaign strategies. Moderates and conservatives both benefit by having the delegates awarded by congressional districts.

However the party establishment decided to close the primary off to the Decline to State voters as where the Democratic Party welcomes them with open arms. Unfortunately voters will have to jump through more hoops if they want to vote for Ron Paul in next month’s primary election.

The Republican Party has gone a bit far beyond the mainstream of California. Voters in California identify with our governor more than the Republican leaders in the State Assembly and State Senate. If we want to control the state legislature we have to understand we have to be a bit pragmatic to help restore the California dream.

The Democratic Party knows what they need to do to be the legislative party, but the Republicans fail to understand what they need to control the legislature. If you want to bring some sunshine back into the Republican Party, re-register today and get active in the party.

I understand that the establishment does not want insurgent candidates to win the delegates in future contests, but people born in Generation X and beyond do not like partisan affiliations and would rather vote for the person not the party.

Individuals have until May 21st to get their ballots postmarked to become temporary Republicans so they can vote for Ron Paul in California’s primary election. And due to Proposition 14 you can still vote for your favorite Democratic Party candidates such as the two Democrats running for Congressional District 35 Joe Baca and Gloria Mcleod.

Unless you have a burning interest to vote for who will serve in the executive board of the county Democratic Party of where you are living, there is nothing to lose by becoming a Blue Republican. Who knows you might make the Republican Party better by staying.

Feel free to grab a second registration form so you can change back a month later.

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