Voters Were Defrauded on Prop 25

California voters got bamboozled thanks to a recent appeal of the decision of State Controller John Chang which withheld the pay of our state legislators for failing to submit a balanced budget on time due to the provisions of Proposition 25.

California voters may be frustrated that state budgets are never passed on time and our state budgets are always filled with bloat to be passed on to next year’s legislative session. Yes, state budgets no longer need a 2/3rds vote for passage. However the revenue gimmicks make our budgets not balanced and filled with kabuki tricks. If Democratic Party legislators want to be truly honest they should have asked voters to change the state constitution to make tax increases 50 percent plus one as well so they can legislate without Republican input.

Relying on the state legislature to determine if a budget is balanced is rather dishonest because they will say that their bloated budget filled with accounting tricks is balanced because they do not want to forsake their paychecks or want to compromise with the Republican minority to pass a truly balanced budget.

I highly recommend that voters sign the petitions asking for a part time legislature sponsored by Assemblywoman Grove because our state legislators do not deserve to be full time legislators because many of them only care about the power than the responsibilities of their job.

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