Congressman Issa Likely Violated CRP Bylaws

It seems Congressman Issa violated California Republican Party bylaws. This does risk his membership in the state party, the Orange, Riverside and San Diego county parties. However if anyone else advocated for the election of Obama or even Gary Johnson would likely get the boot faster than an Iraqi throwing shoes at President Bush.

Congressman Issa recently endorsed Howard Berman in the Congressional District 30 race on April 4th.

“I don’t tell people to vote for Democrats,” Rep. Darrell Issa  of Vista told those attending the event Sunday, where Issa and Berman were being honored. “If there were a good Republican in the race, I wouldn’t tell you to vote for Howard, probably.

“But the fact is, Howard is in the race of his lifetime, and I want him back.”

Here are the bylaws from the state party.

A majority of the Committee or the Executive Committee may remove, censure or reprove any regular or appointive delegate who, during his term as a delegate , affiliates with or registers as a member of a party other than the Republican Party, publicly advocates that the voters should not vote for the nominee of the Party for any office, or who gives support to or avows a preference for any publicly announced candidate of a party other than the Republican Party or for a candidate for partisan office who is opposed to a candidate nominated by the Republican Party, or who fails to pay dues in accordance with section 2.01.09 or who pays any obligation to the Committee with a check drawn on a closed account or returned for non-sufficient funds (“bad check”).                            Section 2.01.06

I could understand Republicans endorsing Democrats when there are no Republicans running in a district such as Congressional District 35. But Congressional District 30 has 3 Republicans running. It will likely be the Berman versus Sherman show in November, Issa should of at least waited for the sacrificial lamb Republicans to be eliminated in the June election.

The rules committee of the California Republican Party needs to modify their bylaws to state that neutrality or support of their favorite Republican in a contested election is required, but if no Republicans survive a Top 2 then you are free to endorse your favorite Democratic Party politician on the day after the Top 2 primary. I know incumbent elected officials of our party want to work with the better of the two Democratic Party officials, but there is a time and place for this.

I did contact the CRP but messages were not replied with a response.

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