A Political Plague in California

There is something fishy in California and the plague rests on both political parties. Public services that Californians value that are being impacted due to the lack of funds. Governor Brown and the public employee unions want to make sure their causes are fully funded, but the problem we have is not enough taxpayers and not enough industry.

Even though it may be tempting to vote for Democrats due to their lack of using women, Latinos and gays as wedge issues. Democratic Party legislators are making it easy for the entrepreneur class to pack up shop and move to more accepting climes due to their advocacy of crippling restrictions that do not make it cost effective to operate in our state.

Imagine how much revenue we can have if we did not scare away the entrepreneurs that make our state work. With the economy of scale we would have more taxpayers and a more manageable tax rate for the people of California.

Perhaps Republicans need to stop going after the big wedge so we can get more people united to make California work for all of us.

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