Mercy’s Rescue Closing Down

As recently covered on my blog and, they are going to be evicted very soon regretfully. They have around 7-8 dogs still left, if there is any rescue groups or potential adoptees they want to see as many of them get good homes as soon as possible.

UPDATE: Sadly they got evicted, they tried to find some one else to shelter them, but it seemed that animal control in the new areas they went to protect their dogs from being captured.

Ramona Humane Society in Riverside County might have these dogs if you are looking for them, I am not sure they were adopted out or sadly put down due to the sad realities of animal control centers.

There are 8 dogs that URGENTLY need homes:

Three pit bulls Kita (female) and Hugo (male mixed / Bordeauxs) Mary (female , black pitt bull)

Bear, does not like other dogs, rather be the only dog in the house

Becky, female dog who has American Standard Bulldog heritage.

Bailey, a special needs doxy

Then we have two Doberman Puppies! One is a brown female and one is a black male Doberman.

They need permanent homes as soon as possible END of March. Else they will be clogging the IVHS in Pomona and face likely death.

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