Content Nanny Strikes Again Part III

Congressman Baca submits his bill for the third time to add another warning label for parents about content in video games. The question we should ask the congressman is, Do we need another layer of regulation on an industry that already self regulates itself well?

I previously written about this issue twice already. However the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin has published a new article about his third attempt.

Baca’s bill, opposed by an industry trade group, would mandate the following message be printed on video game packages: “WARNING: Exposure to violent video games has been linked to aggressive behavior.”

The odd fact about this bill is that it will apply to cartoon games such as Mario Kart as well as violent realistic games such as Grand Theft Auto. Maybe our congressman rarely plays video games to know the difference.

Baca’s new bill is H.R. 4204 for this current session of congress.

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