Incommunicado with the California Republican Party

Here is a letter I sent back to the party from their 2012 fundraising solicitation.

Hello Chairman,

I am sorry to say that this envelope will be delivered with NO FUNDS at this time.

I would like to complain that your office failed to communicate back to me about maybe running in a Democratic Party dominated area so we could have a race challenged. I called your front desk and they sent me to the communications guy instead of your political director and never got a reply back.

Then I asked your convention organizer about how does the party select its venues. I was curious to see if my home town could be considered for the Fall 2013 convention, but I got no answer. But I know you are busy planning the convention. But at least your representative could of said we are busy, but we will talk to you later.

Until then have a good day.

And at least this envelope will be used to give the postal service some much needed revenue since your front desk consumed my mobile phone minutes with no answers. If your staff had better customer service maybe it would lead to me buying an associate membership.

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