Robin Bertolucci Jumps the Shark


Hello Robin,

I know you are one of the most highly rated program directors in the United States, but your decision about suspending John and Ken from your station was one instance of jumping the shark. Learning how to give up KFI will be hard, but I am giving your competition a chance until you apologize to the listeners of your station.

There is a double standard where you can be politically incorrect about a white deceased singer, but when you make politically incorrect jokes about a black deceased singer all fire and brimstone is laid upon your employees. How about uniform standards Ms.Beterlucci!

I am considering other options instead of other Clear Channel stations, I am listening to KABC, and I have instead of local radio stations that Clear Channel owns because they don’t do free form radio and it’s the same old playlists.

John and Ken are equal opportunity offenders and they will offend anyone no matter what ethnicity, religion or sexuality the individual may be.


Matthew Munson

P.S If you want to send a message visit this site for a petition.

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