Mole Watch

It stinks when getting a haircut could cost you 250 bucks. I thought I had a sore, but it was actually a mole. I thought it was going to be healed with antibiotic cream, but I end up looking like Harry Potter with an interesting feature on my forehead for the next two weeks.

I was worried after realizing something strange grew on me in the last month. I knew I had to get it looked at and I visited the local dermatologist in Montclair CA. Dr. Woll is located on Central Avenue just south of the 10 freeway. Her building is not exactly on Central, but you will need to enter via a side driveway to enter. She may not be cheap for being uninsured, but she does a good job for what you pay her.

At least I got 40 minutes of service time for the money I paid for.

I thought Laurie was going to say, you will need some prescription cream and after five minutes it would be minus 125 bucks, but after my first visit the minimum cover charge will be 95 dollars so I am relieved after any future visits with her practice. At least I am getting more results than my 350 dollar visit to the ear nose and throat doctor in 2007.

Hopefully I will not have any skin cancer, but prevention is indeed the best medicine after all. The lab is going to examine my discarded mole and I hope it is all for the best. But I think I will likely go for a skin cancer screening at least each two years at best.goodbye mole

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