Reflecting on being an re-entry student

UPDATE: It seems neither one of my essays qualified for a prize from the Chaffey College Student government scholarship contest.

In this economy, having any job is something to be proud of,  however the company I work for does not have any chances for advancement and it does seem like a dead end job when many of the full-time positions got consolidated and the redundant employees got demoted. Working part-time and living with family cannot go on forever due to my father retiring from his job in the next few years. For the last two years I have become motivated to work on my goal to become an educator for the Social Sciences for the 7th through 12th grades.

I did not expect to return to Chaffey College. I graduated in 2001, transferred to UC Riverside and earned a BA in Political Science in 2003. I have flirted with the idea of becoming an educator for a few years, but never did anything about my goal until now because I was confused about the steps required to start the process. I took most of the tests needed to be eligible to enter a teacher preparation program, but each school I wanted to attend had its own criteria for admission. Cal Poly Pomona wanted me to have experience working with children, but if I wanted that experience most of the organizations already want people already experienced so there was no way I was going to get my foot in the door to meet the prerequisites they wanted, however the school I eventually considered, Western Governor’s University said what I have done is great, but I still needed more classes to complete to be eligible for admission.

I was anxious to start as soon as possible so I could start my credential program. However with five classes needed to finish I was in a state of panic. I realized that the place I began my higher education would be the place where I could complete my goals and transfer so I could finally make good use from my education from Chaffey College and UC Riverside.  It was way past the registration date to get several classes to sign up for, but something did catch my eye when I saw an advertisement for Fast Track classes were added that semester and I raced to get admitted into one of them so I could get ready for completing my goal. Sociology was my first class and I did have some minor issues in juggling work and school at the same time. Sadly there was no online classes to take advantage of where I could work my assignments at my own time, but my employer ignored my schedule change  the first week and I was worried that I was going to be dropped from class. With this unfortunate economy we are all suffering its effects and I was worried that I was going to lose my seat due to not showing up; however I was one lucky individual because my instructor had to go to the hospital on the first day and there was no worry about being dropped from the roll sheet. Later, after talking to the corporate office of my company they fixed my schedule for the week ahead and things did go smoothly where I ended up passing the class with flying colors.

I thought taking these five classes was going to be redundant, but I learned more from these classes that would help me do better in my future studies academically and professionally. Right now I am working on my final class to transfer to Western Governor’s University, and I am using my experience and wisdom to help me through the finish line. I was a C student when I was at Chaffey a decade ago, but my grades have turned for the better in the last year where I have earned A and A minus grades mainly. Education is indeed a terrible thing to waste, when I was a student a decade ago I did not take school as seriously as I have done today. With higher tuition and lack of available classes, I have been driven to succeed at the first moment so I do not prolong my journey any longer.

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