Redistricting May Not Be Total Loss for California Republicans

Losing the redistricting lawsuit in the California State Supreme Court was a good thing for the California Republican Party. California Republican Party sued to throw out the maps for the State Senate because they were fearful of losing their 1/3rds veto power. However the 1/3rds veto power prevented the party from becoming a majority party. Republicans need to adapt to a different California than when they were able to get Ronald Reagan and George H.W Bush elected in 1980 thru 1988. California is different than the era a generation ago and the leaders of the California Republican Party need to recognize this fact and start to remove their heads from the sand to enter the land of reality. It has been 42 years since we have had the State Senate and almost 16 years since we had the State Assembly and we need to face the fact that the party needs to modernize.

There are actual benefits to having a majority in the state legislature in both chambers. You can actually pass legislation and make sure legislation you do not want gets thrown in the trash can like how the Democratic Party is doing it to job creation legislation that legislators such as Bob Huff and Bob Dutton have written.

First, the Republicans need to stop trashing the few benefactors they have in Charles Munger and pass his platform. As what Governor Schwarzenegger said in his speech to the state party, “We are failing at the box office”. If you want to “play to win” and get Republicans elected, we need to have a new state of mind. When we play to win as a party we will be able to save California from ruin.

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