Reflections on the Future

It seems that my last class I need before I transfer to Western Governors University seems to be rather informational and stimulating. Due to enrolling for the wrong history class where I dropped it before the withdrawal date I have to take the class again which basically makes my journey longer.

However just like my part time job and my experiences at the dentist, I will traverse my struggles. Instead of the dentist costing me over 990, I expect this year’s expenditures to be half as much due to improved dental habits. Its sad that my poor dental habits in the past could of paid for half my student loan or a trip to England.

I am ready to roll and the journey is only beginning. Because I eagerly want to transfer to WGU and start my teaching credential program by July. I previously wrote a column criticizing some of the most infamous instructors at Chaffey College, if I only had a different instructor for US History I would have been starting the program for my Social Science teaching credential next month. It just makes me wish for the sentiment that if I have my own classroom, I want to be fair to my students and not fail people just to get my kicks. 

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