Dogs in South Ontario Need Help

Update to any one who read this post recently, an updated version is here.

Mercy’s K9 Rescue needs help badly due to losing their property. Their property got sold and they are looking for people to either adopt one of their dogs or donate if they can. For the last 30 years they ran a kennel and dog training business in South Ontario, but due to the economy the status of their operation is in danger.

They do not know what will happen due to the terms of the sale and after the deal was closed with the new owner.

There are over 20 dogs to consider, and the owners want as many of them adopted so nothing unfortunate happens such as having to take them to the overburdened humane society. The owners of the rescue deeply care about their dogs and work with them so they can be well mannered for your home.

If anyone knows any affordable place where they could relocate and house their dogs, or know of an attorney who can negotiate with the new owners for low cost it would be highly appreciated.

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