Gary Miller Wrong for CD-31

Gary Miller was announced as the consensus choice, but the Republican Party made a foolish decision to have him as the anointed. Congressman Miller needs to either run against Royce or discover the private sector again.

Thanks to Top 2, if people knew Gary Miller’s policy positions, he will do just as bad as former Senator Santorum.

What is Congressional District 31 (2011)

41% Democratic, 37% Republican, 18% Decline to State with a history of people voting for Democratic Party candidates for President and Governor.

I think this will be a suicide run for Gary Miller, and I thought he was a prudent businessman and knew when to pull in and pull out.

56 Obama, 41 McCain, 49 Brown 42 Whitman

If he wanted to waste money, it would be better to give money to the local food bank or animal shelters.

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