Merit Pay for State Legislators

We all want extra money, but for these 120 public servants I would require that they would have to WORK for it. My merit pay proposal gives incentives for California state legislators to think of ideas that would create jobs and add more revenue to the state.

I introduce merit pay proposal for our state legislators. Legislators would be wanting to create jobs and increase revenue without raising tax rates. If you chase away taxpayers and companies from settling away from your state, do not expect a pay raise.

Here are the key points:

Unemployment rate would have a target for 7 percent.

There would be a bonus for getting the unemployment rate down 1% statewide, each 1% reduced from the previous year’s Unemployment rate to the target unemployment rate would give a legislator 1000 for each percent.

If a budget deficit is basically perfect with a 0.25% error rate, a legislator would earn 2000 dollars.

If state revenue goes up without a sales tax increase, income tax increase or corporation tax increase then the legislator would earn another 2000 dollar bonus. State revenue must rise above 50 million dollars to qualify for this clause.

If the number of companies that make over 200,000 a year enter California more than them leaving our state the legislator would qualify for a 1000.00 bonus too.

Money talks, this may only be a rough draft of a policy proposal. However Democrats need to recognize that the legislation they pass does have an effect on our state. Democrats do like to make the state in their own utopia and I can understand that, but the idea is to encourage the legislators to THINK before they pass their laws.

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