Student Loan Default Protest Counter Productive

The people involved in the occupy movement are working on a misguided effort to sink the credit ratings of those who participate in this protest. However there is one way we could share the message to the colleges and governments about the increasing costs of education and how they pass the buck with student loans. Do not enroll for a semester. If we make the schools empty, then that would also spread a message.

I think the best solution is personal responsibility, if you can not pay the loans off in a reasonable fashion or at least pay half of the cost back you should reconsider the program you enroll for.

Borrowing 100,000 for a BA degree is silly if you are not going to have the ability or future potential to pay the fees. Yes, we need to reasonably fund our state universities. Fees went up 125% since I last went to UC Riverside. Yes, I believe we should not give free rides entirely. However fees should go back to 7 or 8 thousand instead of 12 thousand for the University of California as an example.

Basically all I am asking for is people to borrow what they can reasonably pay off. I know student loan debt is a crippling burden and the legal rules stating that students can not declare bankruptcy makes it hard for students to write off this debt. I think limiting how much students can borrow in exchange for being allowed to declare bankruptcy after all avenues are exhausted would be a good idea.

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