Attention Educators

I do understand this economy is rough on many of us, with school districts not offering raises and positions being cut I would like to ask for a big favor from many of you in the field. Just like many school districts do not have money for supplies, many of our parents of your students do not have the money either.

I have written a column on this previously on my blog, but I would like to reemphasize this issue.

School projects should not cost an arm and a leg and there should be a mandate that there should be projects that cost less than 5 dollars for students with families who do not have much money. Families should not need to do a James Cameron production for their book report or atom model project.

Also, there should be a fiscal limit of how much a teacher can mandate in how much can be spent for a school project on the parents. Unfunded mandates are indeed a burden.

Extra credit assignments should not require having to visit the store to build a thirty dollar contraption either. If educators have more empathy on their students parents, then the relationship will greatly improve.

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