Bob Dutton out polls Mike Morrell

Bob Dutton is termed out, redistricting created new maps. Musical chairs led to Mike Morrell wanting to run for the new Assembly District 40. Mike Morrell is placed in a new Democratic Party friendly district and he wanted to run in more friendlier climate.

Bob released a poll stating that high and medium propensity voters, prefer Bob to Mike.

Bob wins due to more name ID and more cash on hand to give him the advantage.

Dutton:            28% (4/4) and 33% (3/4)

Morrell:           20% (4/4) and 17% (3/4)

The district that Mike Morrell is originally from, district 41 is not a good climate for a Republican, due to the social policies of Assemblyman Morrell, it would be hard for him to win. Voting against bills such as AB 9 to make schools safe for all students from harassment and intimidation would not make him quality material. I am hoping that someone like Terry Hamilton runs against Chris Holden in Assembly District 41. Heck, David Drier would be a good fit for that district. 

Even though Bob Dutton is basically identical to Mike Morrell, I am siding with Bob Dutton.

2 thoughts on “Bob Dutton out polls Mike Morrell”

  1. Wasn’t this the poll that he paid for?  I read the bulletin article that said there were two polls one that had Dutton higher was paid for by Dutton and evidently ‘unavailable’.  The other one was independent and had Mike Morrell up 13 % with likely voters.  It also had Morrell and Dutton’s name recognition dead even, where has Bob Dutton been this whole time, hanging out with bureaucrats in Sacramento I guess.

  2. It might be, but Id like to see one by Adam Probolsky to get an independent measurement. I may have an animus against Morrell, but Dutton has done a better job compared to prior State Senate Minority leaders.

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