Taxing Services, No Thank You

The rich in California in the “Think Long Committee for California” want to work together to make it where services are taxed. For state income tax rates to be lowered they want to have a tradeoff of services being taxed for the first time. If you want to take your dog to the veterinarian, get your teeth fixed at the dentist or your car repaired be prepared to pay extra.

Earlier this year my family had to pay for a hernia repair for my sister’s puppy and get him neutered at the same time and that rang up to 1800 dollars. If we had the Think Long proposal passed, that would add another 90 dollars to the bill. Not all of us are made of money, but we should not have to tax anything that moves to get the funding our state needs. Even though health care and education may be excluded, I don’t know of animal health care will be taxed as part of this program.

I hope all the providers of services in California work together to defeat the Think Long sponsored proposal. It is basically socking the fiscal obligations of the state to the people that cannot easily afford these tax increases. These billionaires are trying to increase their net worth on the backs of the people earning less even though they have plenty of money to go around.

Maybe the best solution is to make do with the money we have now, cap the maximum amount an individual can have for a public pension so college football coaches and city managers would no longer earn 500,000 a year upon retirement while making sure the low and mid range of public employees would still be protected at the same time.

Be careful what ballot measures you sign in the front of shopping centers and read the fine print so it does not cost you hard in the long run.

Say no to the misguided billionaires.

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