Medicare for Dummies

My father is turning 65 next year and he is bewildered about how to navigate the world of Medicare. The mail box is filled with pitches with insurance companies offering to be your best buddy if you sign up for the year with them, but my father does intend to work until 67 or until his body says the show is over so he is reluctant to sign up for Medicare Part C or D.

I wish there was something well done for the people who do not want to utilize computers to find out what is the right Medicare combination that would fit them well.

I know the Wiley Company has one about Medicare Part D, but maybe a Medicare for Dummies that covers the spectrum of Medicare plans might be a good idea. Pack the book with an interactive program people can fire up on their mac or pc made with Adobe AIR and we could get something that might sell big copies since many baby boomers are entering the system and would help make it better for those individuals.

Common questions should be answered such as:

If I am currently working, do I still need to sign up?

What do Medicare Advantage plans (Part C) offer and how do they differ from each other?

Will I owe any extra money if I am still working if I enroll for Medicare Part A, while I am still working?

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