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I was supposed to complete three classes at Chaffey College, but I could not stand one particular instructor so I only am working on two classes currently. Geography and World History after 1500 are doing pretty decent, I expect to get a high B in Geography and an A in World History.

Working on getting US History post 1865 enrolled again is going to be a fun challenge, I could either CLEP it or take it at Riverside Community College’s summer session. I want to make sure I start my credentialing program at Western Governor’s University by March at the latest.

The positive thing I would like to state is at least I am working on future progress, it may not be immediate. However it is getting there.

Also I did get some criticism for eating at Subway due to their sponsorship of Michael Vick. Problem is its not my personal choice to eat there, my sister drags me there. Anyways just like how people pay carbon offsets, I guess I could donate to an animal shelter or a rescue to make up for that. However Subway is not endorsing him per say, but the award in the BET awards was sponsored by them in general.

My other website is here, its my future political website. I am pondering my options and will make a formal announcement if I get the right connections to make political realities come true.

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