The Non-Secular Chino Unified School Board

I am deeply disturbed by many members of the Chino Unified School District, they seem to believe that they are school board members of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills not the school district per say. Our school boards are there to represent all students and their families no matter what religion or sexuality they are.

We are having reports of student suicides happen across the nation because students are not experiencing a friendly school environment and when school board members have a cavalier attitude against students who are not following the norms of heterosexuality it does not help with the education of our students.

When schools are facing shortages in their budgets, students not attending school because they are fearful of violence or harassment which does not help with school revenue where schools are paid by daily attendance of students. Even if students are attending while they are fearful of violence and harassment that also leads to low test scores on the California STAR tests which schools cannot afford low scores either.

Religiosity may be an important factor for the majority of this school board, but it should not be force fed to the students of the school district from the curriculum to the graduation speeches at the end of the year. This school board is a perfect example why bills such as AB 9 (Seth’s Law) and SB 48 (FAIR Education Act) are written. Brandon Blanchard fails to recognize that even with his opposition to SB 48 and as a black man, without a gay black man such as Bayard Rustin. Martin Luther King would have not been able to put on the March on Washington in 1963 which led to the Civil Rights act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

School board elections are typically low information affairs compared to races for US Senate and President. However voters should take the responsibility to ask questions of candidates on how they stand on the issues so they do not end up becoming stealth candidates advocating issues you may not agree with when they are elected.

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