Food Truck Solution

I have some solutions where people can enjoy their mobile restaurants and still help out communities at the same time. Food trucks can rent space at the local parks in our county and help out the parks and recreation budgets of the parks that located where they are parked.

Cities and county officials in San Bernardino County are worried that these food trucks will kill off business from existing food establishments. Placing these trucks in our local parks parking lots would be a good compromise. We can drive one of the most popular culinary concepts and help provide some money for our local economy. Food trucks can bid for 2 day permits that allow them to open for 3 hours a day at a particular city park and pay weekly rent to the government agency who runs the park.

Or cities can do what Austin Texas has done and build a promenade for these establishments so they would have a regular home to open up shop. It would be like a mobile home park for these food trucks. We can set up a place with a few restrooms, benches,  and a sink where people can wash their hands and go from there. This might be one case of redevelopment I could truly support. 

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