Where is my $#@! Paper!

I have been paying for my newspaper subscription off and on since I started at UC Riverside in 2001. Unfortunately for the last three days my newspaper has not been on my driveway for the last three days. Even though its nice not having to pay for the newspaper you never received, its very disturbing when the company fails to notify their customers about problems they may have had particularly in the 91762 and surrounding areas.

I currently have the Thursday thru Sunday plan since I do not really read the paper all the time and why waste precious trees for a newspaper you barely read aside from the increasing cost of taking the subscription on. Not getting the Sunday paper from delivery will be sadly the death knell of my patience.

I do like the Los Angeles Times for the advertisements, coupons and the occasional articles. However with the increased price of service, customers expect better service for the increased money you have to pay for the newspaper.

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