My Lament of an Instructor

There is a reason why I believe educators should not have permanent tenure, Robert Carlton at Chaffey College is one fine example why. Its ironic that I could do very well compared to how I performed in his US History Class at Chaffey, at UC Riverside in courses that dealt with European History and Argentine History I may of struggled, but the courses were not exactly hopeless. Sadly I need three more classes to finish so I can meet the prerequisites for a Social Science 6-12th grade credentialing program even though I have a BA in Political Science.

It is great that the instructor took initiative against the high cost of textbooks, but reading public domain fiction about historical periods is not the way I want to learn. I took a gamble and I roll my die wrong. I would be eager to remain in his class if it was based on the lectures only and not based on the historical fiction. I would of rather had Professor Carlton teach a class in the English department instead.

If you have a real good memory to remember the esoteric facts in the historical fiction, then Professor Carlton’s class is for you. If you are an English major this class is for you. Heck, I would of rather had the professor use Howard Zinn’s a People’s History instead. At least we would learn more useful facts with Howard Zinn than Sinclair Lewis and Edith Wharton could ever do.

As someone who is gradually turning liberal after being a teenaged Rush Limbaugh fan, I do like the instructor’s lectures. However a study guide would have been appreciated for the historical novel tests. I did read the book Age of Innocence, but not everyone has a memory of a rolodex to know that Silerton Jackson was the society gossip master. Its going to cost me 110 dollars for me to CLEP History 1865-present, a very costly mistake.

Even though I will likely drop his course, I have one suggestion for anyone who intends to stay. Form a book club and go through the books together each week so you can understand the novels better.

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