Poke a Needle at the Dream

The Dream Act is just a fancy way of stating that we need another amnesty in America. To understand the objective of the ‘dreamers’ and their advocates it all begins with incrementalism, start with one small step and then go to the next step because they failed when they wanted it all at once.

In California it all began with AB 540 which began the madness where undocumented “illegal” children who graduated from California schools can take part in public higher education in the state without having immigration called on them. Due to a US Supreme Court case Plyer v. Doe, public schools are mandated to educate these individuals. The mandate required by the Supreme Court in 1982 is a costly mandate where we have to spend up to 7,000 a year on each of these undocumented children.

Due to us allowing the undocumented children in our public higher education system it starts a chain reaction where the dreamers want it all so they can have their piece of the pie. Since the dreamers are fed up that they are having to pay full price even though the state government was nice enough to let them in the schools, they are getting their advocates such as local legislators such as Gloria Mcleod and Norma Torres to use up scarce state money so they can use Cal Grants to help pay for their education. Then pretty soon we will have another bill that will also require the state to give the community college fee waivers to these individuals too, which will help clog up our community colleges since there is no funding to add new seats and sections for those students already enrolled in the system.

Then, when these dreamers have a degree and they are undocumented there is a big question we should ask, who will hire them? These undocumented students might have a snazzy new degree in environmental science or project management, but they will flunk the e-verify test. When these individuals are not able to get hired they will get their buddy Congressman Joe Baca to defund e-verify so we can say “immigration law be damned, the dream must not be deferred”. However unemployment is around 10 percent and American Citizens and those with work authorization are left in the dark. Right now President Obama is working on a jobs program for the undocumented where over 300,000 will be given work permits circumventing congress, but leaving the people who are allowed to vote for him without any consideration.

Obama and his allies want to ignore immigration laws and those dreamers making the news are not the only ones who are going to benefit, we are going to get another amnesty and with overtly broad guidelines with who not to deport we might have an amnesty of millions which will not do much to help the legal citizens of the United States.

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