It is Getting Worse to be Red in Inland California

Republicans thought it was going to get better in Election 2012 with Proposition 11 that changed redistricting, but since redistricting went for the worse the Democratic Party is trying to make sure that there is a party that is there for the people in the new legislative districts particularly in our growing areas of San Bernardino and Riverside Counties.

New legislative districts in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties will be the toughest fight for the Republican party of California.

Rancho Cucamonga and Upland will likely be represented by Joe Baca, Riverside will likely be represented by an openly gay school board member Mark Takano, Upland will likely be represented by Democrats for State Assembly and State Senate, Bob Dutton will have a toss-up in his chance to serve his last term in the State Assembly, downtown Riverside will also be represented by a Democratic Party legislator too.

Even though the 2011 redistricting was not safe for the Republican Party, it shows the problem the party has in its efforts to maintain its relevancy. I read a post by former State Assemblyman Chuck DeVore on how regulation cripples business out of California, but even if the party is right on that issue. There are still skeletons in the closet that lead towards the voters of Californians telling the Republicans  “thanks, but no thanks”.

Inland California is going to turn more blue than performers at the Blue Man Group, and I am here as your canary in the coal mine to help prevent this from happening. As what I stated previously, pro-life views and flogging the queers on a stake are not going to drive Latino voters to the party. I even told Randy Thomasson on his private voice mail line, you need socialists that dance to the beat of your fundamentalist beat like Democratic Party State Senator  Rev. Ruben Diaz of New York State if you want to reign in theocracy in California. Cutting education and social welfare funding will be a major turnoff to the Latino voter. It has been proven from a 2011 poll by Republican pollsters Moore and Wilson that only 22 percent of Latinos want to see hard core conservatism and stick to core values of the party.

The scoop is the Democratic Party is going to have a massive voting drive targeting the Latinos of San Bernardino and Riverside County and the Republican Party of California and those respective county parties will need to think fast in how to keep them in the fold. Its not about social conservatism that many Latinos have in common with the party, its not about tax cuts. It is going to be a difficult message, even in a Latino dominated assembly district a gay moderate Latino and a gay social conservative Latino both had problems against Democrats in our district.

And since many of our cities in San Bernardino and Riverside County are Latino dominated, we might have a future lawsuit on our hands with the voter rights act. So Republicans will likely need to consider the best diverse bunch they have to avoid any problems in the future.

The big wedge needs to be retired, white voters are no longer the majority in our state. People are becoming more accepting of LGBT people in our communities. We need to fight for how to make the state work for all of us. It should not matter what ethnicity, religion or romantic inclination you have. The older voter that votes Republican also will become history in California and the United States. We need to recognize the youth of our nation and treat them as equals and not as disposable pawns like what President Obama did in 2008 since they will be a major voting bloc in 2016.

We need to stop scapegoating populations for the problems in society and work as a team. Inclusion wins. If we throw away a community they will be happy to jump forces to the other side. Black people used to be decent Republican voters in the early 20th century, then today they are only less than a tenth to support the Republicans. A welcoming party leads to Republican success and if we further upset the Latino voter we will likely have an irreversible problem.

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