On the Road to Irrelevancy

When we thought there would be some sanity in the California Republican Party, I guess there will be none at all. Young voters and the educated will likely not bother. A political party’s platform is symbolic and does not matter much due to American elections being candidate centered and the party has no direct sway in selecting candidates who enter the primary for an election.

When will we have a political party that will be relevant for all parts of our state. If we want to succeed we must have a platform that reflects an agenda that can work in all parts of our state. Certain parts of our state may want lock boxes on women’s reproductive issues, and certain parts of our state may want to make sure the inheritances of same sex couples gets seized by parents who do not approve of their choices. We are just as bad as the Democratic Party who adds regulation to the small business. The only thing as Republicans we should state on abortion is abortion should not be paid for by the taxpayer and should be paid for by private funds only.

If we want Silicon Valley, if we want the San Fernando Valley and other populated areas that once elected Republicans we need to get our grubby hands off people’s personal choices. Lets stay out of the pocketbooks and stay out of the bedrooms whenever we can.

Following the status quo for the last two decades has not done much to improve our party. As stated on my past column, we are on the road to losing the 1/3rds firewall in both chambers in the state legislature and we will need to do something to expand our audience.  Without new Republicans we will not have Republican safe districts or even tossup seats.

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